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R&D Chemistry – Hayward, California
Department R&D Chemistry
Employment Type Full-Time

Unlike many other organizations, we view the drug discovery process as one that requires equal parts of technology and art, science and elegance, not as a commodity that can be outsourced.  For this reason, we have assembled an internal team of uniquely qualified individuals with extraordinary knowledge, skills and drive.  Our Medicinal Chemistry Department is one of the most critical parts of our research engine. We are currently looking to expand the size of this department in 2018, with multiple immediate openings for PhD-level chemists with a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry.

The Medicinal Chemistry Scientist will be responsible for designing and independently synthesizing novel molecules directed at one or more of our biological targets.  He/She will be a key member of one or more of our multi-disciplinary drug discovery teams.  As a member of such teams, the Scientist will be responsible for the identification and characterization of novel drug candidates and their advancement into clinical evaluation.  This will require the development of a broad working knowledge of various scientific disciplines in addition to medicinal chemistry, including immunology, cancer biology, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, and toxicology, among others.  With the guidance of our experienced leadership, the Scientist will integrate large amounts of data on previously synthesized molecules into the design of novel molecules anticipated to possess increasingly optimal biological profiles.

The ideal candidate will hold a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry and may have conducted (although it is not a requirement) post-doctoral research on a synthetic or biological project.  The successful candidate will have an excellent scientific publication record and national reputation as a leader in his/her chosen field.  The role demands a highly goal-driven approach and the ability to focus on time-sensitive objectives.

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